We help companies take the guesswork out of growth

Established in 2009, Promising Outcomes is a core team of highly-skilled Strategy & Leadership Consultants, each with over 20 years experience in coaching and facilitating for large, multinational corporate clients in a variety of industries.

With associate offices throughout the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, our reach is truly universal, and a distinct ability to help businesses diagnose issues, identify opportunities, and drive sales by leveraging the authentic voice of your customers sets us apart.

We provide a bespoke experience depending on the particular needs of a client, but the methods and tools we employ are predictable and consistent in delivering results.

Our unwavering care and commitment is evident from initial consultation right through to facilitation. Our priority is to deliver practical solutions backed by the best available data to create a positive, lasting transformation for our clients.

Meet The People That Power Us

Rowan Jackson MVO


After serving a distinguished 20 year career in the Royal Marines, Rowan applied his leadership ability to business and has become an in-demand strategy consultant and coach. He is known for his memorable workshops, extensive industry knowledge and is a regular guest speaker around the world.

Bill Fonvielle


Over the course of his 45+ year career, Bill has established a track record as research pioneer and inventor of customer experience and business dashboard methods. He has left his indelible fingerprint on companies all around the globe, and he continues to adapt and innovate in ever-changing industries even today.

Catherine Fennell


Cathy has extensive experience as an international organisation and leadership development consultant with expertise in both business mechanics and human behaviour. An expert business coach and change facilitator, she is renowned for tackling tough subjects in engaging ways from Board level right through to the ‘shop floor’.

Tracy Franz

Project Support Specialist

With over 15 years experience in Project Management and Administration, Tracy’s skills have been a source of influence and motivation on large-scale projects in a number of industries, while her ability to stay on top of multiple teams and tasks at once keeps projects on track.

Dr Roger Garberg

Associate Consultant

An experimental psychologist and researcher with over 35 years experience, Roger provides advanced research and statistical analysis to Promising Outcomes. His work on cognitive psychology and its application in business decision making and organisational effectiveness has been extensively published.

Paul James

Associate Consultant

Based in Dubai, Paul is an international facilitator, coach and trainer with over 30 years experience in over 50 industries. He specialises in producing better teams, better leaders and better strategies, all coming together to create a better Customer Experience. He is an advocate of experiential learning and offers highly valuable business simulations. projects on track.

Luis Marinho-Falcão

Associate Consultant

Luis has served as the Creative Strategist for a number of top-tier global agencies, where his international marketing background has seen him selected for extremely prestigious projects throughout Europe, and some of the biggest brands in the world have benefited from his experience.

Nuno Amaral Frazão

Associate Consultant

Nuno is a successful entrepreneur who knows first-hand what it takes to run a successful business from the top down. His award-winning Digital Marketing agency made him one of the most relevant thought leaders in Portugal, and he now serves as an executive, speaker, lecturer and consultant.

Zibi Grodzki

Associate Consultant

Zibi has 20+ years experience as a facilitator, trainer and entrepreneur in Poland. He helps leadership teams develop better strategies, mindsets, skills and processes, all of which result in higher profitability. He has worked with a number of major banks, IT businesses and production companies worldwide.

Peg Anthony

Associate Consultant

A seasoned organisational consultant, Peg specialises in public service transformation with an unwavering commitment to forward-thinking practices and rock-solid research. She has radically transformed a number of national and government organisations into market-driven, customer-focused entities.

Chris Gonzalez

Associate Consultant

Chris is an outstanding facilitator, trainer and consultant, specialising in strategic planning and organisational transformation for government agencies and private sector clients throughout the US. His military background sees him pioneering works within veteran business communities and national veteran initiatives. His leadership has been recognised with both regional and national awards.

Dr Sandhya Karpe

Associate Consultant

Sandhya’s extensive research and commercial experience spans 35 years of working closely with senior executive teams across the world on leadership development programs and innovative organisational workshops. A leader in corporate education at world renowned management universities, her work has also been recognised and awarded by the UK Government.

Joseph Kuah

Associate Consultant

With over 13 years experience in advising multinational and regional companies throughout Asia and the Middle East, Joseph’s specialities include corporate strategy, organisational refinement and project implementation. He is particularly adept at working closely with senior management on M&A deals and business integration.

Shiv Desai

Associate Consultant

Shiv has over 25 years’ experience in driving delivery of major programmes in various sectors.He has led numerous digital transformation and business change programmes and been instrumental in the set up and operation of Programme Management Offices for many organisations. His excellent leadership, communication and organisational skills are crucial in achieving successful business outcomes.

Charles Web

Associate Consultant

Charles has an impressive track record of building great teams across businesses from the Board to the front line, their customers and partners. His focus is on exploiting technology to unlock real value – fast – by being ambitious for the business and not accepting ”good enough”. His work has transformed many organisations through adopting digital technologies to deliver business value quickly.

Richard Napthine

Associate Consultant

Richard has extensive experience across multiple sectors in customer-focused digital transformation, creating customer-centric strategies, compelling cases for change and successful delivery programmes. He creates high performing, diverse teams to accelerate delivery and results. An experienced change coach and mentor, he helps businesses put culture and behaviour at the core of accelerating performance.

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