Who We Are Today

Promising Outcomes consists of a core team based in UK and USA and an extended virtual team of independent, highly skilled research, strategic change and leadership consultants that stretches across the world. This helps us keep our skill levels high and our overheads low; which means we can make top quality services available to more businesses and be more flexible to your needs.

Our team of associates are experts in their field who, on average, each have more than 20 years of experience working internationally with a range of mid-size to large corporate companies in multiple languages. You could say we’ve collectively been around the block more than a few times!

Across our different experiences, we have a common thread that binds us; we are coaches, servant leaders and change advocates who have a deep care for our client businesses and the individuals involved.

We bear witness to the great benefits gained by the businesses and human relationships that are brave enough to seek out and tackle the hard truths in a positive way. Enabling that impact is both humbling and inspirational. It is our binding hook and at the core of our collective values, and it enables us to create better leaders, better organisations, better results.

How We Got Here

Promising Outcomes can trace its roots to the Service Quality research published by the Marketing Science Institute in the 1980s. Promising Outcomes co-founder, Bill Fonvielle, was inspired to create a set of methods and research tools that represented a revolutionary model for accurately pinpointing customer expectations and measuring the success of the customer – vendor relationships.

Most notable was his finding that about 70% of the time when a customer switches from one supplier to another, the most immediate cause is a defect in service quality. In other words, most brand-switching is the result of a breakdown in the relationship (which usually contained a mix of human and business/process related elements)

As this new measurement approach began to be used in multiple business relationship scenarios, it became clear that getting at expectations as a way of resetting relationships and directing corrective action was consistently more effective in getting to the heart of the matter much faster than other methods.

As technological advancements started to make the research process much easier, Fonvielle joined with his old friend and colleague Rowan Jackson with the aim of bringing a unique suite of expectations-based offerings to the business world. After partnering with a few colleagues who passed the “high skills/no jerks” selection criteria (yes – it was a thing!), Promising Outcomes was formed in 2009, and we honed our offerings around the 6 key relationships that business success or failure repeatedly revolved around;

Combining the research and diagnostics with organisational/human behaviour, change facilitation and coaching brought ground breaking insights to life, creating a transformative impact that enabled strategic, financial, and human rewards. Now, unlike many of the methods offered today, our rigorous yet user friendly offerings reveal the truth of your key business relationships, and help you make astounding improvements in the areas that make the most impact.


We believe in doing what works and, fortunately, we are expert in a number of complementary fields that allow us to weave specialist methods into our core process to meet the needs of your specific situation. Here are some of the tools and methods that we employ:

Who Are You Today?


If you are reading this, it is likely that you are sitting in one of a few camps:

  • Something big is looming that you need to get right (i.e. a new account/contract renewal, a new market, or maybe a new strategy)
  • You are already using popular customer or employee satisfaction surveys, but it’s not reaping the dividends you had hoped
  • You don’t know what your customers, suppliers, employers currently think of you, but you know you need to
  • You are making strategic decisions or changes in your business that feel like a hit or miss affair.
  • You are frustrated by inefficiencies, in-fighting or misalignments in your organisation

As you might have gathered from our own experiences above, knowing expectations can become the basis of killer intelligence for companies, helping them benefit from insights that are more relevant and actionable than the usual options.

It might be time to try something different that will take you ahead of the competition.


Hearing the truth or dealing with the trade-offs required for change can often be uncomfortable. It takes courage and maturity.

We also know that sustainable engagement, loyalty or advocacy is achieved when there exists a genuine desire to understand and deal with reality, and to find win/win solutions. This requires trust, curiosity, vision, and tenacity.

Are you up for the challenge?


Speed is critical in business today; the fast dominate the slow. Failure to act is itself an action, albeit a negative one, whilst doing the same as everyone else will merely keep you moving at the same pace. Understanding your stakeholders’ expectations can put you on the fast track to success.

The quicker you can reduce hassle, waste, cost and time, the better.

The quicker you can exceed expectations, including your own, the better.

Meet The Team

Bill Fonvielle

Bill Fonvielle is Promising Outcomes’ guru-in-chief.

He was the inventor of the PROMIS® methodology and the developer of many innovative business models, research tools and methodologies used by companies around the world. These include the 11-dimension structure of customer experience, Expectations Mapping, Virtual Group Technique, the Dynamic Business Scorecard and what he whimsically calls “The Theory of Everything.”

Rowan Jackson MVO

Rowan Jackson is Promising Outcomes’ Chairman.

He is a Strategy Development/Implementation specialist and Executive Team Facilitator. Rowan has had two careers; the first, 20 years in the Royal Marines where, after serving in Commando units, he spent two years in The Royal Household. After this, Her Majesty The Queen invested him as Member of the Royal Victorian Order (MVO).

Cathy Fennell

Cathy Fennell is Promising Outcomes’ CEO.

Her expertise spans both business mechanics and human behaviour. She has worked as a consultant with Blue Chip and mid sized companies for more than 20 years with a reputation for asking the tough questions with a smile and a hug.

Tracy Franz

Tracy Franz is Promising Outcomes’ task master extraordinaire

Tracy Franz is a Project Support Specialist with over 15 years’ experience in Project Management and Administration.

Luis Marinho-Falcão

Luis Marinho-Falcão is the Founder & Business Director of Rikhozi/Burson-Marsteller in Mozambique, the Creative Strategist for a couple of top-tier agencies in Portugal

Luis joined Promising Outcomes in 2014.

Nuno Amaral Frazão

Nuno Amaral Frazão is a Business Entrepreneur with almost 3 decades of experience in Design, Marketing, Communication and Business Management.

Chris Gonzalez

Chris Gonzales provides facilitation, training, program management, analysis, and organisational consulting services for government agencies and private sector clients.

Peg Anthony EdD

Peg Anthony is a seasoned organisational consultant specialising in organisational and public service transformation.

Joseph Kuah

Joseph brings over 13 years of experience in advising multinational and regional companies.

Dr Sandhya Karpe

Dr Sandhya Karpe is CEO of Imagine Education Design Studio, a firm that focuses on leadership development advisory, design and delivery.

Dr Roger Garberg

Dr Roger Garberg provides analytics consultation for Promising Outcomes.

Paul James

Paul James is a Dubai-based facilitator, coach and trainer with over 30 years’ experience of helping senior individuals and teams be better leaders.

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