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Game, Set, Match: How a Sports Club Won its Members Back

A well-established, prestigious sports club nestled somewhere in the idyllic countryside seems like a foolproof business model. That is, until its leadership team noticed a steady decline in membership numbers and lower levels of overall engagement from its resident members. It could be safely assumed that they had rested on their laurels for some time, and its CEO, desperate to reverse the downturn, decided that the solution was to become more ‘customer-driven.’



Once a small business owner based out of an anonymous workshop in the Northern Hemisphere, Father Christmas has overseen an unprecedented global expansion in the last 300 years or so and, with it, all the challenges you’d expect of any large multinational business.


Purchasing Departments Are Human Too!

Having finally had our proposal accepted by our client, a signature on the contract seemed like a mere formality. That’s when we were stung by the email from the clients purchasing department; to secure the Purchase Order, they would be looking for a 20% reduction in price.


Don’t Stifle Your Ability To Change!

Sometimes, we just cant help ourselves can we?!

In an effort to gather new ideas and make things better or simpler for our organisation and customers, we put in so many checks and balances ( to make sure the change idea is worth it, we tell ourselves) that we end up crushing the life out of any innovation that is out there.


Buyer Beware

Customer Expectations vs. Price

Latest Mori study reveals customer loyalty still outweighs price.

Consumer buying behaviour is always an interesting reflection of group think in the B2B customer relationship world. Whilst the spend and triggers may be different, the attitude towards customer relationships and loyalty tend to have many similarities across the 2 audiences, which is why I found the recent research by Ipsos Mori and The Logic Group interesting.