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Garbage In, Garbage Out: The Danger of Misdirection in Customer Surveys

Market researchers report that response rates are down dramatically. They attribute this to increased survey fatigue, evidenced by more and more surveys not being completed or even started. Far too many surveys are at once competing for our attention and stockpiling in our inboxes. But there is another, less frequently acknowledged reason for plunging response rates.


Dead Data: It’s Time to Rethink the Satisfaction Survey

In talking with prospective clients, we frequently encounter similar perceptions about research surveys. Clients have become accustomed (through their use of previous satisfaction or market surveys) to the idea that they can gain important insights from a standard set of survey questions and, in some cases, it even equips them with the ability to compare their ‘score’ with that of their competitors. Perfect, right?


DIY Customer Research

The proliferation of survey platforms makes it seem that anyone can do customer research. It has never been easier to design, create and launch a research survey using today’s advanced research technology tools, but the question remains; is it really that easy to access great insights and should you be doing it yourself? Read More…