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Dead Data: It’s Time to Rethink the Satisfaction Survey

In talking with prospective clients, we frequently encounter similar perceptions about research surveys. Clients have become accustomed (through their use of previous satisfaction or market surveys) to the idea that they can gain important insights from a standard set of survey questions and, in some cases, it even equips them with the ability to compare their ‘score’ with that of their competitors. Perfect, right?


DIY Customer Research

The proliferation of survey platforms makes it seem that anyone can do customer research. It has never been easier to design, create and launch a research survey using today’s advanced research technology tools, but the question remains; is it really that easy to access great insights and should you be doing it yourself? Read More…


British Airways: A brilliant example of how cost-cutting increases costs

In the 1990s, Sir Colin – later Lord – Marshall, Chief Executive of British Airways was being interviewed by a journalist. The latter asked him, as leader of a famous brand, what he feared most. Sir Colin said something along these lines: “the pilots can be ill, the food can taste bad, the plane may be late and we lose the passengers’ baggage. I know I can fix these things and I will. But the thing I fear most is our Information Systems going down. We are critically dependent on our IT people for delivering our customer experience and for our survival.


The Need For Something Better

For years, companies have had challenges in the implementation of business strategy.

There are many reasons why strategy implementation has always been difficult, but one of them is that the implementation process, and often the strategy itself, has not been anchored in a rigorous focus on external customers.


Numbers Don’t Lie …

Having been in the data-gathering and number-crunching game for more decades than I care to confess to, I have always been somewhat bemused by the legions of managers who seem to equate numbers on a page with absolute truth. I suppose Nature invented this breed to balance that equally large pool of managers who pay no attention to numbers whatsoever.