Bill Fonvielle

Bill Fonvielle is Promising Outcomes’ guru-in-chief.

He was the inventor of the PROMIS® methodology and the developer of many innovative business models, research tools and methodologies used by companies around the world. These include Expectations Theory, Expectations Mapping, Virtual Group Technique, the Dynamic Business Scorecard and what he whimsically calls “The Theory of Everything.”

During his forty-five plus year career, he has been president of an award-winning advertising agency, a senior executive at several management consulting and training firms, an elected public official and a board member of numerous business, nonprofit and governmental entities. Bill’s MBA is from the Yale School of Management.

Bill also enthusiastically embraces a role as our in-house “English grammar-police”, which being American, we find amusingly ironic.  His acerbic wit and extensive library of real-life business stories has most rooms captivated for hours.

Articles by Bill Fonvielle


Customer Focus – It’s About Driving the Culture

To refresh your memory - Tom was driving his BMW home from its regular service when he lit a cigarette. Upon attempting to flick the ash into the car's ashtray, he was horrified to discover that the garage had removed the ashtray's inner part to clean it but had forgotten to replace it.