Our Associates

A-G Associates is an organisational consulting firm, serving leaders who want to improve their own or their organisation’s capabilities or capacity. A-G provide advice, expertise, facilitation, and support services in collaboration with our clients in order to build high performance teams, manage change, and achieve mission success and organisational excellence. Based in Maryland, USA, A-G are specialists in Veterans and Government initiatives and are a Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). A-G offerings span Customer Loyalty, Strategic Planning and Change Management, Organisational and Leadership Development.


Cadence Innova

Cadence Innova takes a different approach to the traditional consultancy model. We champion creativity, innovation and digital transformation. We build small, nimble teams around a business challenge, successfully implementing radical and disruptive ideas at far less cost.

The ability to think differently has never been more in demand. We help organisations to harness the power of unconventional thinking, become less risk averse and nurture the best ideas into fully scalable and sustainable solutions.

Generalist skills and incremental change is not good enough. Our bespoke team will work in close collaboration with you to create innovative, viable solutions to intractable problems that can be launched, refined and scaled to succeed.


Making Change Work

Making Change Work is an attitude and behaviour change consultancy – we have experience and expertise in enabling organisations to realise the potential of their people – through a mixture of consultancy, facilitation coaching, and training.

Making Change Work is a consultancy that delivers business benefits by unlocking personal and operational performance.

Our 3 practice areas: INSIGHT, CONSULT & DELIVER, integrate expertise in personal transformation and programme delivery to increase the resourcefulness, resilience, and productivity of your people. We create tangible results for your bottom line.


Founded more than 25 years ago by Mentor, Business CEO and Author John Bittleston, Terrific Mentors is a group of skilled mentors and coaches with considerable management experience who share a passion for reviving human spirits and balance sheets; the two often go together.

Our Personal Mentoring Services like The PASDAQ of Purpose™ and the Careers and Jobs Service have successfully helped more than 7,500 people of all levels of education find jobs to build rewarding careers and personal prosperity. Those who want to improve their relationships with bosses, peers and others by being more socially and culturally competent sign up for our Handle Yourself and Others Better service. Those who need a better presentation to the world can engage our service ‘Sum it up; spit it out; make it stick’.

Targeted at business owners and leaders, Terrific Mentors’ Corporate Mentoring Services provide strategic guidance through closed-door Strategy Mentoring sessions. We also conduct stimulating talks and workshops on Creativity, Leadership and Changing Workplace Behaviours. The eclectic combination of brains, experience, forecasting and wisdom encourages new ways of management in a rapidly-changing world – and practical actions to deal with and benefit from those changes.