Peg Anthony EDD

Peg Anthony is a seasoned organisational consultant specialising in organisational and public service transformation. She founded, developed, and led customer satisfaction and loyalty survey and program improvement practices at three consulting firms: A-G Associates Inc., Macro International Inc. (now ICF International), and Kaset International (now AchieveGlobal). By delivering research-based strategic consulting, Peg and her teams have assisted and facilitated numerous client organisations in transforming themselves into market-driven, customer-focused entities. She has designed and managed organisational improvement and service excellence projects at the VHA and VBA; the largest HHS agencies including HRSA, CDC, CMS, NIH and SAMHSA; the Departments of Education, Homeland Security, Labour, Energy and Interior; the Army Medical Command; most Defence agencies (DLA, DFAS, DISA, and DCAA); Army, Navy and AirForce; and the IRS, EPA, FEMA and Social Security Administration.