The Tools We Use

We believe in doing what works and, fortunately, we are expert in a number of complementary fields that allow us to weave specialist methods into our core process to meet the needs of your specific situation. Here are some of the tools and methods that we employ:

Expectations research and analysis methods

A suite of methods and tools to gather, analyse, categorize and display stakeholder expectations that exist within your target relationships. The results provide precise insights on the things you need to lever or change for optimum impact.

Change facilitation methods

From business issue resolution to breakthrough thinking and team conflicts, we have been creating magic in facilitated workshops for more than 20 years. We use workshops in many of our offerings to both debrief your research data and create collaborative actions and change. The experience is challenging, deep and always enjoyable.

Leadership, coaching and team development

Our team has vast experience coaching and training leaders and teams across the globe. While we always use a coaching style throughout our work with you, we will often incorporate executive coaching, organisational or leadership/ team development interventions as a specific element of your chosen offering. This is often an essential support mechanism to enable successful change implementation.

Strategy development

Where required, we use a 3-Step Process to assist organisations to develop and then implement strategy, with impressive results. Step 1 is customer and employee expectations research which drives a review of your strategy, its applicability and the roadmap and management systems needed to execute it.

The Dynamic Scorecard (DSC)

Is an improvement on the commonly known Balanced Business Scorecard. Used as part of the 3-Step Process, The DSC links strategic goals to long term targets and budgets, and aligns sales, delivery, support functions and individual goals in a way that every employee can understand.