Want to exceed your customers’ expectations and increase loyalty?

Are you still losing customers despite reasonable satisfaction survey results? Are you losing profits servicing “demanding customers”?

Are you making product, service or strategy decisions that feel like you’re taking a stab in the dark? Do you have great customer loyalty, but are not quite sure what it is that differentiates you so that you can protect or promote it?

Aimed at mid to large sized companies with multiple customers, our Strategic Customer Relationships (SCR) service uncovers your customers’ expectations, measures your performance against those expectations and helps you create actions for optimum and often immediate impact.

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Need optimal results from your sales force relationships?

We find that client behaviour is largely driven by their perceived experience and relationship with your sales team. At the same time, how you perceive your sales force rarely aligns with what your customers think of them.

If you want to improve sales skills, make smarter hires and define where and how your sales people should be focussing for maximum impact, then our Strategic Sales Relationships (SSR) programme is for you.

Find out what your customers expect of an ideal sales relationship, how your sales people are measuring up, and how to stay ahead of the competition.

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Need to optimise, save or grow that large contract or account?

High value accounts and long-term contracts bring with them both opportunity and inherent risk. Relationships can get strained, service delivery can go off track and results can vary. Suddenly, it doesn’t seem to be the great partnership you had once thought it would be.

Our PROMIS® offering is designed for customers and suppliers of large accounts and contracts. We help you reset the relationship using laser focussed expectations diagnostics and powerful change facilitation. Whether you are the supplier or the customer, you can create prioritised actions that quickly build trust, positive relationships, happier customers and suppliers, and a substantially better results.

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Need to know what will really engage your employees?

Healthy businesses are levered by truly engaged employees. Whilst recent research has proved that compensation is almost never the most important trigger for engagement and commitment, common employee engagement surveys don’t always pinpoint the most compelling themes that will engage your employees.

Strategic Employee Relationships (SER) measures your organisation’s performance against your employees’ real expectations of an ideal organisation, pinpointing ways in which your business can become the destination of choice for top talent, as well as identifying areas with scope for improving the practices of your leaders. Analysing the drivers of commitment, we help you engage staff in a way that inspires them to go the extra mile.

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Need leaders and teams to align and deliver your strategy?

Have you ever experienced people in your organisations using the same words when they describe the organisations strategy, and yet daily operations suggests there is a disconnect in alignment?

Strategic Alignment Relationships (SAR) uncovers the extent to which your leaders and the teams they lead have a common understanding of your strategy and uncovers the things that are either helping or hindering their ability to align and deliver accordingly.

After all, building a visionary company requires 1% vision and 99% alignment!

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Need better cohesion and performance across functions?

Unintended disconnects between teams and functions are a common theme in businesses, and they quickly grow into inefficient processes, daily frustrations, teams pulling in different directions and ultimately your customers and your results feel the impact.

The Cross Check uncovers and measures performance against the ideal internal “customer/supplier” relationships that enable each function to perform at their best. Our expertise in organisational behaviour together with hard data soon gets your teams working together to re-engineer their processes or relationships, interlock smoothly and collectively succeed in delivering to the company goals.

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    Stronger Relationships = Better Results

    We believe that relationships can make or break your company. Getting it right will accelerate and increase the success of your business. This is especially true of pivotal business relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees.

    High performance relationships drive loyalty, improve retention and increase profits.

    Such relationships do not happen by accident. They start with asking the right questions, gathering robust data and insight, and following up with an authentic commitment to collaboration and improvement.

    High performance relationships are forged by those with honest, truth seeking attitudes and accompanied by a measure of fortitude and trust.

    At Promising Outcomes, we specialise in providing our clients with honest and actionable performance assessments and improvement programs. With our combined 100+ years of consulting and leadership experience, we work in partnership with you to focus only on what is relevant, practical, and impactful to your business.


    Many companies research their customers and employees to understand their current relationship with them, usually to identify where the company needs to improve.

    • Does your current research or process tell you where to improve, what to prioritise and the actions you need to take, or do you find yourself presented with hard to understand research with no clear direction on what levers will gain the biggest benefit?
    • Do you even avoid formal research approaches all together, opting for ad hoc feedback and simple in-house initiatives?
    • Despite best efforts, do you find that investing in any change or actions can end up feeling like an expensive guessing game?

    The good news is that the clarity you seek lies within in the most simple of equations:

    Research has shown that people, whether they are customers, suppliers or employees, generally make decisions about their level of engagement or loyalty based on the extent to which their “expectations” are met or exceeded. Understanding expectations is therefore key to unlocking and building great relationships that actively drive better results.

    The question is – how can you do it?

    “Expectations” is a term widely used, but not commonly understood; often being confused with “needs”.

    “Needs” can often be gathered from various forums, complaints, research surveys and behaviour patterns. These are carefully captured in contracts and service level agreements or driven through into new processes and offerings. However, even when “needs” are met, it rarely guarantees loyalty, engagement, advocacy or repeat business.

    Getting to the heart of real expectations has eluded organisations and research companies alike for years. They are rarely declared, their relative importance can fluctuate and they can they can be illusive to capture beyond a surface level.

    If performance against “unknown expectations” is what really drives behaviour, then It’s little wonder that organisations often grapple with surprise contract losses, demotivated staff, and alienated customers.

    Fortunately, decades of research and testing has enabled Promising Outcomes to develop reliable processes and tools that make these illusive expectations crystal clear in their most powerful form.

    We combine these rigorous diagnostics with powerful change faciitation that provides you with a unique and impactful way to improve your business.

    Our proprietary methods have helped businesses identify and create significant performance improvements since the 1980s and now form the foundation of our unique suite of services.



    Using Expectations Theory, we unlock unspoken expectations, ideals and performance issues that can make or break both loyalty and the ability to deliver. We then assess your performance against those expectations. The advantage of our proprietary expectations method is that it reveals key areas that are often not a natural focus but that ultimately make the biggest difference.


    We see countless satisfaction survey reports that are hard to understand or too vague to pinpoint critical actions that will make a difference. We provide you with simple yet deeply insightful dashboards that identify:

    • What the true expectations are and how they rank
    • Where your biggest performance gaps exist
    • Where the relationship is most at risk
    • Where you need to improve and by how much
    • Where you have opportunity to increase profit or cost efficiency


    Despite good intentions, most change experts know that improvement initiatives repeatedly fail due to the lack of tenacity in implementation. With our understanding of your data and a deep expertise in change facilitation, we help you develop action plans that keep you focussed on the priorities, test your blind spots and develop strategies to overcome issues that may hijack your progress.


    Our expert change consultants are with you from the very beginning, guiding you through a new kind of interaction where barriers are broken down and new opportunities can be built. We use methods that openly engage both sides of the relationship in repairing issues correctly – which not only develops immediate engagement, it ultimately converts many of the uncommitted into enthusiasts.

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